About FYB

Fix Your Bike is a customization kit designed for the bike (7 pieces) made up of graphics created by tagmi and printed on a particular adhesive film. It is not a trivial sticker but a long-lasting polymer film (3/5 years), water-proof, anti-UV, anti-abrasion.
Anyone can easily apply the adhesive graphics on the frame of their bike without having to disassemble it, for pleasure or communication, because moving around by bike will be more and more eco-friendly.
At any time it is then possible to easily remove the film from the bike (it does not leave glue and does not ruin the original paint), returning it to its original appearance or replace it with another graphic. More than 60 graphics have been created at the moment. Every season the existing collection will be replaced and completed by a variety of new designs and graphic motifs. Made in Italy.
The idea comes from the passion for bicycles and the desire of Danilo Leonardi (tagmi) to customize the bicycle frame without having to paint it continuously. The first prototype was paper. The effect was very beautiful and attracted the attention of many, arousing great curiosity. Although it is waterproof paper, over time the bike began to wear out and turn yellow. Danilo, tired and with the desire to change the color of the frame once again, darting through the streets of Milan, was inspired by the constant change of billboards on transport vehicles and decided to move this possibility of change on his bike from the perspective to create a second skin.

With the aim of offering everyone the ability to customize their frames, Taji worked to find the right and resistant material and created a varied selection of graphics to satisfy every personality and mood. Fix Your Bike was born from a personal need.